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Skydeck Acquisition Corporation was established to partner with leading companies in media, technology, communications and digital health

Founded in 2021, Skydeck Acquisition Corporation brings a multi-decade track record of market-leading returns to pursue a combination with one or more businesses or entities that have defensible business models, large and growing end markets, and superior unit economics.

Our management team has a longstanding track record of investing and operating in the media, technology, communications and digital health sectors. This experience gives us extensive operational and organizational business-building expertise, powerful global networks of relationships, and access to a strong board and advisors with unique insight into the sectors we seek to invest in.

Who we are

Paul J. Salem

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Martin J. Mannion

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Christopher S. Satti

Chief Financial Officer

Freddy Flaxman

Chief Operating Officer


Who we are

Our Team